Meet the Team


Cameron Aanonsen

Fundamental/Psychology Trader

In 2008 Cameron’s journey into the trading world began. As a broke college student trying to make a buck, he ventured into the space of penny stocks. Quickly after realizing this was not the path to sustainable wealth, he started to tweak his skills.  With years of persistent practice, tons of financial books read, and networking with successful traders along the way, he finally started to see consistent and sustainable returns. He began to love the psychology and the challenge of predicting the market.  Analyzing what was going to happen in the stock or crypto space was his key for major growth. In 2016 Cameron became involved in the Cryptocurrency Market.  He started teaching a few friends and they thought it would be great for him to share his trading experience and in return he created a trading group of over 1,500 members. There he met lifelong friends from all over the world and fell in love with the financial community.  After guiding a few of his first members to financial freedom he knew it was time to continue to expand and created MoneyWar Investing.  Cameron is a successful entrepreneur and is putting his business experience, financial skills, and his love for helping others, into the foundation of this group . It is his mission to help members discover their trading abilities and guide them to achieve their own financial freedom.

“Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you did not do than the ones you did.” – Mark Twain


Van Hill  

Technical Trader

Van is a Navy Veteran and holds a BA in Finance from University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Shidler College of Business. Currently he works with and is also site moderator there. Van never fell out of love with the process and understanding of technical analysis (TA) and enjoys helping others to develop their passion for it as well. MoneyWar Investing is the culmination of this willingness to assist others in their journey to learn this skill. He believes that with patience, practice and willingness, anyone can learn how to make Technical Analysis not just interesting and fun, but a valuable tool in anyones Financial Toolbox.

"Do nothing which is of no use." – Miyamoto Musashi